How to Set Up a Match

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How to Set Up a Match

Post by Arin the Eloquent on Fri Jun 07, 2013 2:40 pm

Step 1: Open the LackeyCCG program. You can download it here:

Step 2: At the top bar, there should be a "Server" tab (right next to Deck Editor). Click that and press the Connect prompt.

Step 3: Load your Crisis_Termina plugin, which can be found at this location:

Make sure the "Crisis_Termina" plugin is located within the LackeyCCG/plugins folder.

Step 4: Click "Host a Game", and here is where you can enter information about what you want about your game, who can enter your game and who can't, set a password, all sorts of aesthetics.

Step 5: Return to the Server Tab after you are taken to the game table, and look at where your game is at in the Game List. Your game should have a Green highlight.

In the Server Tab, you can also set your username and any personal information you desire so that it becomes easier to find other players.
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