Creative Writing Rules

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Creative Writing Rules

Post by Arin the Eloquent on Fri Jun 07, 2013 8:47 pm

Work must be spell checked and proofread before being posted. If there’s only one or two typos, I’ll let it slide; but if there are enough spelling/grammar errors to the point where it's unreadable, the thread will be locked until you can proofread it, then I will open the thread again.

This is an English language forum, so all writing should be English. If you have a foreign language fic that you would like to post, please translate it first to the best of your ability and we will help you as you go.

Any work that would warrant a PG-13 or higher rating (through swearing, drug or sexual references, violence, etc) must put a warning of some sort in the thread title. You also cannot portray any graphically sexual or violent content, or anything else that would require an M rating. If you have questions, contact either me or the Master of RPs, though a general rule is that if you have to ask if something is too "edgy" or "lewd", chances are it probably is.

You must only post your own work. Plagiarism of any form, including posting other people’s work sans permission, claiming someone else’s work as your own, or posting blatantly derivative is forbidden. Anyone found breaking this rule will be banned without question.

All chapters must be at least 1 1/2 pages in MS Word with double spacing, standard margins, and size 11 Arial font. This applies to all fics, regardless of being serial or one-off. The exceptions to this rule include pro/epilogues and poetry.

Scripts and script writing are not allowed. There's an RP forum for that.

You cannot link your original work in a thread to another site. Post your original work on here, in it's entirety, or the thread will be locked.

The owner of a thread may bump a thread at any time to update it with new chapters. You may only bump once every 48 hours. However, this does not apply to other posters, and the owner must add new content at the time or risk being locked.

Story review threads in the vein of MST3000 are permitted, and are allowed to review any piece of work posted on the forums without permission. However, all reviews must be civil and stick to criticizing the work itself instead of the author, and they must also meet the one and a half page minimum. By posting your work, you waive your right to complain about feedback. You must agree to at least acknowledge any and all criticism that comes your way and not immediately dismiss harsh reviews. However, this does not permit direct insults. (This is also known as the Jack Witt Clause.) Offenders will be warned.


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