Role-Playing Forum Rules

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Role-Playing Forum Rules

Post by Arin the Eloquent on Fri Jun 07, 2013 8:56 pm

Links to roleplays on other forums or websites is forbidden.

Any work that would warrant a PG-13 or higher rating (through swearing, drug or sexual references, violence, etc) must put a warning of some sort in the thread title. You also cannot portray any graphically sexual or violent content, or anything else that would require an M rating.

You must only post your own work. Plagiarism of any form, including posting other people’s work, claiming someone else’s work as your own, or posting blatant derivatives is forbidden. If using outside material, please link to the original source. Anyone found breaking this rule will be banned without question.

Please bump only once every 48 hours. If you bump a topic which is more than 3 months old, it will be considered a necrobump, with the result being the thread locked and the TC (Topic Creator) warned. If you have any questions, contact the Master of RPs.

Every good role-play starts with an Out of Character Planning Stage. With that being said, you MUST tag the title of your RP with [OOC] or [Out of Character], or something that at least signifies that the RP is currently OOC. All roleplay application forms require at minimum a field each for name, gender and age, as well as a space for appearance (either a picture and/or 1+ paragraph of description, at the GM’s discretion) and personality (1+ paragraph). Additional fields are up to the TC to add. Other structures for applications, such as freeform or diary-style, must indicate that this information or the equivalent is somehow expressed. When you feel your topic is ready to go, tag the title of your topic with [IC] or [In Character], again, something that signifies the RP is currently In Character.

You may not advertise your RP in the Chatbox. Offenders will be warned.

All roleplays must have at least three players, not characters, participating before they start. If you want a 1-on-1 Roleplay, PM the Roleplay to the Master of RPs for approval and tag your topic with [1-On-1].

Avoid godmodding (performing actions that cannot be defended against or giving oneself inordinate amounts of power), metagaming (using information that couldn’t be known in-character), and powerplaying (controlling another player’s actions without their permission). These are all grounds for forced banning from the roleplay by the Master of RPs.

All IC posts require at least 4 lines of text, or roughly 100 words at standard formatting.
Posting in script format is forbidden.
If you have multiple characters for multiple RPs, Copy-pasting or “expying” characters without tailoring them to the new roleplay is forbidden.

If you have any questions, contact either me or the Master of RPs for further clarification.


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