Mechanics about Deck Building

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Mechanics about Deck Building

Post by Arin the Eloquent on Fri Jun 07, 2013 2:31 pm

3A. Proper Deckbuilding

The maximum amount of cards you can run in a Deck is 30.

If you run a Deck that relies on having a lot of Spells, it would be best to consider some Followers that have skills that allow you to place more Spell cards. Adversely, if you run a Deck that has more Followers than Spells, you could do the same. A good tactic is to split your Deck 50/50 in terms of Follower:Spell Ratio.

If your Deck relies on buffing and taking advantage of upgraded Followers, more Spells or more Followers may be necessary, depending on your tactics. Adversely, if your Deck relies on debuffing and/or stalling, cards may be added/taken out to accommodate this new tactic.

Keep in mind the number of copies you can have of a card in your Deck. The maximum, unless otherwise dictated on the card, is three. There are, of course, skills that will allow more than 3 cards to exist at a time, but as a standard rule, the maximum copies of one card is 3.
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